Premiun Services

Since 2010 and formally known as COLORES KIDS, Our goal is to provide services that not just entertain all ages group, but to create unforgettable moments with our Artistic Skills throughout  all the services we offer....

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Face Painting


Art on your Face!

Choose from hundreds of designs full of creativity. You can have a Master Artist with years of experience that will be able to created elaborate designs or free hand a wide range of designs, Or a Junior Artist that will deliver awesome simples designs from a select board of designs only.  

Our Paints are​ Hypo-Allergenic and easy to clean.

Airbrush Tattoos


Airbrushed tattoos are applied to the surface of the skin without damaging it in the least. The way to apply it is to spray the ink with the airbrush on a prefabricated stencil (template). 

You can choose from:Full Color Premium

or Black & White Basic 



What is Caricature Art?

A caricature is a painting, or more usually drawing, of a person or thing in which the features and form have been distorted and exaggerated in order to mock or satirise the subject.

Balloon Twisting


Balloon Creations such as animals, flowers, swords and more.  and many designs to choose from. A great compliment to any Kids Party.

You can have a Master Artist with years of experience and able to handle big crowds or special requests and be able to created elaborate designs.

Junior Artist that will deliver awesome simples designs from a select board of designs only.  

Photo Booth

We make awesome digital photo booths that are fun and easy-to-use. People love them for events and businesses love them for marketing. Our solutions can capture photos in-person, virtually, or both!
sophisticated online platform to deliver a seamless and modern photo booth solution.
  • Layouts, GIFs & Image Filters

  • Online Galleries

  • Email & Text Delivery


  • Social Sharing

  • Green Screen

  • Live Feed

  • QR Code for Touch-less experience

Entertainment Shows

Maurice Stitls Juggling Providence Block Party.jpg

The venue is set, the food menu and the drinks have been picked. However, now, you are facing a dilemma: what entertainment you should choose for the event??

Well we can help you with that too... we have great entertainers that work with us and others we can refer you too, such as:

  • Magic Show

  • Fire Shows

  • Jugglers

  • Dj Services

  • Bubble Shows

  • Painting Parties

and many more.. just send us an inquiry... we will help you!