* Our Services Require a 50% Deposit.
50% of the Deposit is Refundable if Cancellation is
received within 14 days of the original agreement date.

* Deposits can be sent via Check, Money Order, Credit Card or Pay Pal.

*We also Accept Payments Credit Card

* Hourly Packages require a minimum of 1.5 Hours billed.

* Customized Packages have different rates depending on the
Party Requirements and degree of Artistic Designs.

* Face Painting Time & Speed is as follows:  Up to 12 Paintings
per Hour depending on the complexity of designs.

* We do not Paint on irritated Skin, Cuts or Acne. We do not paint close to the eyes or lips. If one of Our Artists considers that area of the face as sensitive or unsafe they will have the right to offer a different option or area to create a Painting Design.


* Our Paints are Hypoallergenic, FDA Compliant, Non-Toxic.

*Children under 2 years old will be painted with parent consent
on their hand or arm.

* We reserve the right to refuse service for improper use of our rental equiment or if previous agreements are not being followed.

* Travel Fees are included in Our Services for
Customers within 20 miles of Natick, MA.  

*Additional Travel & Parking Fees will be billed to the Customer.


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